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Movie Industry


Custom Crating, Packaging, & Shipping Solutions for the Movie Industry

To make a movie, numerous challenging pieces must intersect successfully– because, in movie-making, lost time means lost money. The movie industry has several aspects, both within the scene and behind it.

Nashville has an impressive film industry and has been home to the making of many movies, so we have an understanding of what goes into it.

In most cases, the items needed to create the movie and the setting are just as important as the actors. From cameras and equipment used to create scenes to reusable set items to nuanced pieces specially designed for a specific epic masterpiece, getting each asset where it needs to be can be challenging.

By considering these factors and working closely with experienced logistics providers, equipment rental companies, and shipping specialists, the movie industry can rely on proper packaging, crating, and shipping processes. This protects the equipment, maintains production schedules, and facilitates efficient transit and storage for movie equipment.

An experienced shipping company can handle every part of your movie industry shipment, whether your items are staying Stateside or need to get overseas. With the proper assessment and comprehensive shipping solutions, you can trust that your movie equipment will safely arrive so you can focus on other matters.

Services Customized to Each Part’s Specific Needs

From props to equipment, your movie assets deserve a tailored approach to shipping. Its size, shape, value, mode of transport, and more must be considered when determining the optimal shipping strategy.

Your Nashville movie-industry shipping company should never use one-size-fits-all, general rules of packing. It must cater every aspect of your shipment to the needs of you and the item. Movie industry professionals need to hold their shipping company accountable, and the shippers you choose shouldn’t shy away from that.

Customized services and expert crating and shipping teams will give you confidence that your assets will be protected throughout the shipping process. From highly expensive to highly sensitive pieces, the right services are vital to a successful shipment.

Moving and Storing Movie-Related Items

Movie sets are known for reusing items and equipment, which means when not in use, those items need to be moved and stored until needed again. Craters & Freighters can safely contain, package, and move your assets so they can be properly stored for extended periods.

Note that climate-controlled storage facilities may be necessary to maintain optimal conditions and prevent damage caused by temperature or humidity fluctuations.

Some common shipping services that cater to the movie industry include:

Insurance Coverage for Movie Making Equipment

Movie industry professionals should consider appropriate insurance coverage to protect movie equipment during transit and storage. Insurance policies should account for the value of the equipment and potential risks associated with transportation, theft, or accidents.

Your movie items are valuable and necessary to complete filming. While working with professional shippers will enhance the quality of your project, the unpredictable shipping stream may have other ideas.

Insuring your movie assets is a responsible step due to the rigorous shipping environment they may encounter; adequate coverage will help mitigate potential financial losses.

Typical types of cargo insurance include:

  • Full Coverage Cargo – based on the declared value of the piece
  • Limited Liability Insurance – for lost items only

Generally, both types of insurance will cover your assets from pickup to delivery.

Contact us to learn more about insuring your movie making assets.

On-Site Crating

Sometimes, getting your heavy, sensitive, or awkward items to a warehouse for crating and shipping is impossible. When damage occurs, time and money are sacrificed, so don’t put your valuables at risk.

Work with a shipping company that offers on-site crating solutions, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get your movie-related items to them.

An on-site crating team will come to your location to create the best protection possible for your item. Using technology and high-quality materials, you can trust your assets will be properly cared for throughout their journey.

Contact our on-site crating experts to learn more.

Custom Packaging for Protection

Movie equipment is often expensive and delicate. Proper packaging is essential to protect it during transportation. Customized cases, foam inserts, padding, or shock-absorbing materials should be used to minimize the risk of damage from impacts or vibrations.

Your packaging and shipping company should also consider climate control during package design. Movie productions often occur in different climates and locations, and some equipment may be sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. Packaging should consider climate control measures, such as moisture-resistant packaging or temperature-controlled shipping options, to safeguard the equipment during transit.

Our customized packaging solutions support the numerous sizes and shapes of movie industry equipment. Tailored packaging should be designed to fit specific equipment dimensions and configurations, including custom crates, flight cases, and other specialized packaging solutions that securely hold and protect the equipment to ensure secure transportation and protection during handling.

Those items that are very fragile and delicate, such as camera lenses or breakable props, may require extra care due to their fragility. Specialized packaging techniques, such as cushioning, bubble wrap, or foam padding, should be employed to ensure the safe transportation of these delicate items.

Typical types of cargo insurance include:

  • Full Coverage Cargo – based on the declared value of the piece
  • Limited Liability Insurance – for lost items only

Generally, both types of insurance will cover your assets from pickup to delivery.

Contact us to learn more about insuring your movie making assets.

Logistics for Your Movie-Related Assets

Ask anyone in the movie business, and they’ll tell you what happens behind the scenes is just as important as what’s happening up front. That’s true for shipping, too. Getting a good logistics team to handle your project is imperative to your shipment.

Coordinating logistics with reliable shipping companies, freight forwarders, or specialized equipment rental companies is crucial for smooth transportation and storage. Clear communication and planning will help ensure equipment is transported to filming locations or stored securely, minimizing delays and meeting production timelines.

Because movie equipment is valuable and susceptible to theft or loss, tracking devices or GPS systems can be used to monitor the location of equipment during transit. Additionally, security measures such as tamper-evident seals or locked packaging can provide an extra layer of protection.

For international shipments, movie industry professionals must comply with customs regulations and provide accurate documentation. Proper labeling, accurate equipment descriptions, customs forms, and any necessary permits or certificates should be prepared. Adhering to customs requirements is crucial to prevent delays or issues at border crossings.

Craters & Freighters Nashville can manage everything for you so you have peace of mind during the shipping, containing, and storing process.

Working with Craters & Freighters Nashville

For those who participate in the movie industry, crating, packing, and shipping requirements must be met safely and timely. Craters & Freighters Nashville has the experience and knowledge to ensure that happens.

Our shipping professionals have worked with various organizations and individuals who rely on movie-related containing, shipping, and moving services, including:

  • Companies that make movie equipment
  • Actors, directors, producers, studio executives, etc.
  • Distributors of movie equipment
  • Movie theaters

If you want a streamlined, effective experience for your movie industry shipment, we can make it happen.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters.

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